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Hyperscaler Software Efficiency for everybody

We bring software efficiency tools otherwise only available inside some hyperscalers to the broader world. Get visibility. Fix bugs. Save money.

  • Cloud costs often squeeze margins. Continuous profiling empowers your engineers to make better optimization decisions and save you money. If compute costs are an issue, Prodfiler may be just the thing you need.

    Thomas Dullien

    CEO Optimyze
  • Prodfiler eliminates performance blind spots and helped me reduce CPU usage of some workloads by more than 80%. The whole-system visibility helped me track performance issues that would otherwise be hidden.

    Aviram Hassan

    Backend Team Leader at Biocatch
  • One of the biggest pains with profiling distributed databases is that workloads are rarely constant and things change over time. Prodfiler gives me the flexibility to control the profiling window so I can understand how my system works under any load, across any time scale, and easily identify how to make things run faster.

    Matt Fleming

    Staff Software Engineer at DataStax

The team behind Prodfiler

Meet the team behind the world's only frictionless whole-fleet continuous profiler.

  • Thomas Dullien

    Co-Founder / CEO
  • Sean Heelan

    Co-Founder / CTO
  • Florian Lehner

    Senior Engineer
  • Victor Michel

    Senior Engineer
  • Stephanie Boomsma

    Senior Engineer
  • Tim Ruehsen

    Senior Engineer
  • Francesco Gualazzi

    Senior Engineer
  • Joel Höner

    Senior Engineer
  • Christos Kalkanis

    Senior Engineer
  • Joseph Crail

    Senior Engineer

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